Friday, January 22, 2010

Have You Defined Your 2010 Social Media Strategy?

Have you defined your 2010 Social Media Strategy? Whether you are a job seeker, career changer, career builder or aspiring entrepreneur, it's important that you consider which social media outlets will best help you create a buzz about you and your brand this year. The good news is there are resources to help you!

Tune in on Sunday evening (1/24/2010 at 5 PM EST) to hear my pals from "down under" - Career Success Radio hosts Keith Keller and Annemarie Cross as they discuss how to select YOUR best social media platform (i.e. LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter etc.) and how to leverage your social media platform in YOUR job search, career management or business development.

Guest experts include: Daulton West Jr., Melissa Martin and Coach Colette Ellis.

In addition to sharing how these platforms differ, I'll also be offering tips on how to create YOUR best 140-character pitch to share with the Twitterverse! You may recall this discussion from last February - well, you'll be able to build on those ideas to include the new developments and Twitter companion sites that have been created since then (e.g.,

If you are able to listen in live, the Career Success Radio phone lines and chat room will be open. Ring in via (914) 338 0714 and get expert career advice. You can also listen to the show recording HERE on the blog via the widget below.

If you have a job-search or career related question, tweet us in advance: @Coach_Colette or @careerradio. One question will be selected to be answered live on air the show. And, the Career Success Expert Panel will answer questions in the online forum.

Monday, January 11, 2010

Nonprofit Leaders: Are Your Clients & Volunteers Telling Your Story?

Once upon a time ... So, we know that storytelling is important to building relationships with potential supporters and volunteers. People want to know more about what your nonprofit organization does, and what impact it's having in the community. The more they learn, the more they will begin to trust you -- and that trust can lead to support in the form of their money, resources, or time.

So, what can make it difficult? One challenge for nonprofit leaders is finding those compelling anecdotes that make great stories. How can you capture the success stories that demonstrate the value you're adding to your constituents?

One of my clients helped me to discover one resource that may help you:

This site enables nonprofits to share their profile with clients and volunteers who then post reviews about their experiences with the organization. intends to "help other people discover trustworthy nonprofits that are making a difference."

This could be a great way for nonprofit leaders to collect first-hand accounts from clients and volunteers and extend their nonprofit organization's online presence (there's even a connection to Facebook). If you work or volunteer for a nonprofit organization, take a peek at and see if your organization is listed -- there are over 1 million listed nonprofits, and 2,800+ organizations that already have been reviewed.

Has Your Team Defined its 2010 Vision?

Friday, January 08, 2010

Does Your Team Have 20/10 Vision? FREE Teleseminar: January 28

I'm excited to announce that InStep Consulting is kicking off 2010 with fun, relevant programs. Our featured event this month is our upcoming FREE teleseminar on Thursday, January 28, 2010 at 1:00 PM EST. It's a Team Visioning event called 20/10: Bring Your Future into Laser Focus!

In the teleseminar, you and your core team members will get help to:

  • Clear the Deck and focus (like a laser) on your team’s TOP priorities
  • Identify ONE thing you can do that day to help propel your team towards its most important goals
  • Create a visioning tool that will keep your team motivated throughout the year to stay on track
I'm including a widget so that you can register online and also share the info with your core team members.


Now that you’ve had some time to catch up on things from the holiday and get a sense of what’s on your plate this year, there’s still time to Bring Your Future into Laser-Focus! Think of all the POSITIVE energy that will be created by having everyone on the line all being laser-focused on our top priorities and goals!

As suggested by motivational author, Napoleon Hill: "A group of brains coordinated in a spirit of harmony will provide more thought energy than a single brain."

I can't wait to speak with you and your team on January 28th at 1:00 PM EST!

Monday, January 04, 2010

NEW Podcast: Have More Intimacy in 2010 ... Financially Speaking

We're kicking off 2010 with an exciting feature -- a Competent Advantage TM podcast that is available for listening and download right here on the blog!

This podcast is a recent interview conducted by Coach Colette of Jacquette Timmons, founder of Sterling Investment Management and author of a great new book, Financial Intimacy: How to Create a Healthy Relationship with Your Money and Your Mate.

In the podcast, Colette and Jacquette discuss the importance of coming clean about your financial habits and preferences -- first, with yourself, and then with your partner. Jacquette also shares tips on how to begin those honest conversations with your mate, and how to avoid the emotional and financial pitfalls often caused when love and money interact. Click below to listen or download the podcast.

MP3 File

Once you've listened to the podcast, let me know your thoughts and reactions -- here on the blog or tweet me.
Also, consider: What conversations about money do you need to have with yourself (and/or your mate) to achieve greater financial security (and intimacy) in 2010?