Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Take Some "ME-TIME" at 2 PM EST TODAY! Win $25 Makeup Gift Certificates

Just for fun, ladies! Coach Colette has decided to participate in a LIVE Multimedia Show with Katja Presnal of Skimbaco Lifestyle TODAY at 2:00 PM EST. The show is part of e.l.f. cosmetics BlogHer stories series produced by Snazl.com. Why tune in? Well, you've just got to love her business slogan/motto: "Live Life to the FULLEST!"

Katja will be sharing fashion tips - perhaps you'll gain some ideas for creative but professional attire for interviews? Or, maybe, just ideas for ME-TIME fun and summer gatherings. She also will be raffling $25 e.l.f. cosmetics gift cards - perfect to save a little cash while still rewarding yourself.

Don't you deserve some ME-TIME today? Then, relax, refresh and tune in HERE for some fun ideas today at 2PM EST! Tweet me to share the cool tips you receive and definitely let me know if you WIN one of the gift cards. Good luck!

Monday, June 29, 2009

Get Tips to Launch Your New Business: TOMORROW in NYC

Have you considered starting your own business, or making your 'side hustle' a legitimate venture? Then, join me TOMORROW from 5:30 PM at The Entrepreneurs' Circle: Interactive Discovery Workshop Series.

If you think that entrepreneurship might be your NEW path, sign up for The Entrepreneurs' Circle. You'll hear success stories from business owners who have made it, and gain tips to avoid the isolation many entrepreneurs often feel.

The Entrepeneurs' Circle Workshop will feature four groupings that are tailored to your' stage of business development:

  1. Pre-Idea
  2. Initial Development
  3. Development
  4. Established Business

Each group will be led by a trained and specialized executive, small business or life coach. I will be there to lead participants in the Pre-Idea phase through discussion and 'laser coaching' activities to help explore the transition, identify their unique 'competent advantage' in business, and create a buzz about their upcoming new venture.

Jump out of your comfort zone and SIGN UP TODAY! Space for this event is limited due to the individualized attention being provided by the coaches.

Bring your pad, pen, paper, or laptop -- This is a working session! See YOU TOMORROW!"

Monday, June 15, 2009

NEW Podcast: Need Answers for Tough Interview Questions?

The team at InStep Consulting continues to offer timely information via our NEW podcast series called InSide the HR Studio. This special series features senior corporate HR leaders who provide an insiders perspective on career transition and success.

Our current guest is Mary Crisafulli, Chief Talent Officer with ClearVision Optical. Her charge is to retain, develop and grow a "leading team" within the company. She and her team manage all training efforts, including management and technical training, and the content for the company's national sales meetings. In addition, Mary leads the more "traditional" HR initiatives including payroll, benefits, and employee events.

Most relevant to this podcast, Mary also spearheads Recruiting for ClearVision; bringing in talented people, "onboarding" them and helping them to develop via formal training and "on-the-job" learning activities.

In this podcast, Mary and I discuss how you can prepare for and best respond to Behavioral Interview Questions. You know ... the questions that often begin with "Tell me about a time when you ..." Tune in for suggestions on how you can actually use these questions to your advantage.
Mary also shares the recruiter's perspective on other "tough" interview questions -- why she asks them, and what she's really hoping to hear. Are you a "job hopper"? Gain some ideas on how to position your previous experience in an honest, but compelling way.

After listening to the podcast, let me know your thoughts and reactions. What interviewing do's or don'ts would you like to share?
Interested in learning more about job opportunities at ClearVision? Visit their Careers page.

Tuesday, June 09, 2009

Why I'm STILL Not a Cookie-Cutter Coach

Perhaps since I'm preparing to teach a Coaching Skills for Managers workshop this week, I've been thinking more about my own coaching approach and philosophy.

I'm reminded of an article I wrote almost two years ago called: Why I'm Not a Cookie-Cutter Coach. It was prompted by an encounter I had at a networking event at which I was challenged by an attendee to come up with my Top 5 Tips for Reducing Stress. You could imagine me experiencing a similar situation today; only the request would probably center on my Top 5 Tips to Find a New Job.

Ironically, my epiphany about this situation didn't come from a debate about the tips themselves; but from the frustration exhibited by the person with whom I was speaking. Somehow, his perception of my credibility changed because I didn't just rattle off 5 ideas from the top of my head. Instead, I chose to ask questions and learn more about the fictitious "client in distress" he described. You can re-read the article for more details and my response.

In the upcoming Coaching Skills workshop, I'll be discussing with participants how to strike a balance between probing (to learn of concerns, goals, needs) and telling (to share tips, recommendations, guidance) with their employees. Being mindful of this balance is important for both internal managers and external coaches -- both of whom want to help facilitate positive growth and results.

I stand by my earlier affirmation: I'm Not a Cookie-Cutter Coach. Each client is unique and each situation has different parameters. I'm not aware of any "add-water-stir, one-right-answer" that will work for everyone. I do know that I'm really good at listening, and can help others flip the script to achieve their biggest dreams. I know this is my calling because I enjoy asking provocative questions to learn more, and help my clients surface their true concerns, goals, needs, dreams, and aspirations.
Perhaps this makes me a "start from-scratch" coach? :)

Monday, June 08, 2009

Competent Advantage Blog Now on Kindle

Like the portability of the Kindle, but don't want to miss out on my blog updates? I've got GREAT news! You can subscribe to the Competent Advantage TM Kindle Edition.
That's right! After you subscribe, blog posts will be auto-delivered wirelessly to your Kindle and regularly updated so you can stay current.
Curious about the product? Check out the Kindle Amazon' s 6" Reader HERE!