Wednesday, January 21, 2009

What will be YOUR Call to Action over the Next 100 Days?

Yesterday, we all watched history in the making with the swearing in of the first African-American President of the United States. The energy at Times Square was electric - even in the cold. When I stopped to take this not-very-clear picture of the jumbo-tron in Times Square, one woman asked me if we could take pictures of each other as the "moment" happened.

I hope she found another person to exchange with as I honored my RSVP to watch the event at Tonic with DL21C members and friends. Thanks to Mark, Adam and Penny for sharing their table on the second floor!

Now that Change has come to America, I feel proud and inspired. For the first time, I added the NEW to my Favorites! I also feel an almost overwhelming sense of responsibility to be an active participant in the Rebuilding of America. As we know, President Obama and the new Administration will be facing some steep challenges to Rebuild America. The world will be watching his actions over the Next 100 Days.

What will be YOUR Call to Action over the Next 100 Days?
  • How will you leverage your power and my passion to create your world as you desire?

  • How will you share your valuable gifts that others can receive only from you?
I've also started this discussion on my Facebook page. Please become a "Fan" and share your goals, ideas and dreams! And, as you accomplish your goals, keep us posted on how you're doing.

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Healthy Habits for Your Mind, Body & Spirit

It's a new year -- you want to be productive and focus on your goals and priorities. To improve your personal and professional success, you must look at yourself as a whole person: MIND, BODY & SPIRIT. Let's take a peek at some tips and tools to help you develop Healthy Habits for a Healthy Mind, Body & Spirit!

Your health is one of your most important assets. Being healthy increases your likelihood of achieving all the other goals you've set for yourself. Have you thought about your health coverage? Most of us have coverage through our employers; but employment is not a guarantee for health insurance these days. And, if you have recently experienced a change in your employment status, you want to ensure that you will be covered for basic checkups, and/or for unexpected events. Check out a few strategies from the Dolans on how to Get Healthy and Wealthy in 2009.
Let's face it: you're more creative when you're not stressed out. Reducing your stress can improve your health. Why? Stress can cause changes in your body and make you more likely to get sick. Learn about the connection between some common ailments and stress.

The goal is not to do away with stress, but to learn to lower your arousal levels and develop active ways to manage with it. A lot centers around how you perceive your situation when you encounter one of your triggers. Your mind will go through a series of internal questioning and processing:
  • "Have I experienced this challenge before?"

  • "What are the 'stakes' in the outcome?"

  • "How confident do I feel about my ability to resolve this?"

All of these factors will determine what your reaction will be to the situation. These can include physical responses (such as tension, aches, pains or breathing problems) and emotional responses (such as poor concentration, anxiety, or sleep disturbances).

Health Resources & Tools
Assessments can help you track progress towards your goals and make healthier decisions.

The Wellness Inventory is a "whole person" assessment that can give you a holistic view of your emotional, physical and spiritual state of being. Learn more about how one investment can give you access to the inventory, personal action plan, Wellness Journal and other tools to support your personal growth for the whole year!

The Stress Management Health Assessment can help you recognize situations that cause you stress in your different roles, and identify how people around you do or do not provide support. Learn more about a comprehensive tool to help you recognize your stress triggers and identify how they may be impacting your health.

Want to incorporate some of these healthy-living strategies into your plan? Through health assessments, interactive workshops, and coaching sessions we can help you take action steps to acheve your health and wellness goals. Contact us today to discuss our individual and group coaching programs!

Monday, January 05, 2009

What 3 Words Will Define 2009?

I've been working to refine my 2009 Goals, as mentioned in my post from last week. Recently, I gained inspiration from a post I read on the Women'sDISH - DWC blog that led me to a challenge posed by social media guru, Chris Brogan. He suggests identifying 3 Words that encompass your 2009 goals.

The concept is brilliant because it forces you to think deeper [hint, you'll be seeing that word again soon] and broader than your specific tasks. It also helps you to create an affirmation or mantra that you can repeat to keep yourself motivated when you hit bumps along the road. Well, it wasn't easy, but I came up with my 3 Words -- started by reviewing business goals and brainstorming on what words could reflect those and give me some inspiration. So, here they are:
  1. Deepen – my connections with my family and friends; and with my clients and the people I attract into my network and circle of influence to create a true InStep team
  2. Platform – build a visible platform from which to share my knowledge, skills, gifts and abilities; and to promote the knowledge, skills, gifts and abilities of my team
  3. Leverage – my power, passions, skills, abilities, gifts, network to build the business and world I desire
I've created a daily task in Outlook that will remind me to check my passions and reaffirm my 3 Words.

In addition, I've revisited my Strategic Attraction Plan to adjust for 2009 -- realized that a missing piece was concrete marketing goals. So, I'm raising the bar for number of blog posts and podcasts I'll create. And, I've added at least one target for direct marketing.

What are your 3 Words for 2009? What are your 2009 goals? Post or tweet me @Coach_Colette.

BTW, there's still time to share your 2009 goals on our survey to receive your FREE assessment (until January 15).

Thursday, January 01, 2009

January 1 - A Day of Meditation

I was inspired by doing some research on the The Official Kwanzaa Web Site about the last day of Kwanzaa, January 1. It's intended to be a day of meditation and self-reflection to explore some of our deepest issues, concerns and values.

On this New Years Day, I thought I'd share the three primary Kawaida meditation questions to inspire your internal journey. They are:
  1. Who am I?

  2. Am I really who I SAY I am?

  3. Am I all I ought to be?

2008 was a year of self-reflection and introspection for me. I hope to continue my internal journey in 2009 so that I can be of continued help and service to the world.

I do wish all of you great blessings in 2009. I'll close this post with a link to The Odu Ifa Meditation to inspire us all to "give continuous attention to the future; and let us give deep consideration to the consequences of things."