Wednesday, June 23, 2010

VOTE to Help Coach Colette Get on Oprah's New Network

I’m reaching out to my followers, friends and fans to ask for your support, vote and assistance with spreading the word about my latest endeavor – my video audition for the new Oprah Winfrey Network (OWN).

In case you didn't know, one of my BIGGEST dreams is to have my own TV show. I really enjoy being able to help leaders like you via different media outlets (think of my TV and radio appearances, and my podcast channel). So, when I learned of the opportunity to submit a video audition for the new OWN I jumped at the chance!

The video features me briefly discussing my Competent Advantage coaching philosophy and my goal to help leaders across the country achieve their BIGGEST dreams. I’d love it if you would take a look at my video, and vote to help me have this video seen by the casting agents and Oprah. The URL link for viewing, VOTING and SHARING the video with your network is:

Or, you can search for “Colette” under the audition entries if you have any problems with the link. As an FYI, it may take some time for your vote to be added to the system.

THANK YOU in advance for your support. Please spread the word if you can. I’ll keep you posted on what happens! Cheers, Coach Colette

Tuesday, June 08, 2010

Earn More, Save More with our NEW Money & Career Coaching Tool

Here's a video describing my NEW multimedia coaching tool: Your Money, Your Career -- How to Thrive in Any Economy.

Your Money, Your Career will help you discover your strengths and realize new ways to promote your accomplishments to key decision makers in your industry. Your Money, Your Career also will help you reduce your anxiety about saving and investing and improve your personal relationship with money.

But, you must act quickly to reserve your copy BEFORE JUNE 30 to take advantage of our pre-launch pricing at  Also, you can join us TUESDAY, JUNE 29 at 8PM ET for a FREE preview call to ask questions of all four contributors. Sign up for the call at

Your Money, Your Career features audio downloads, my Competent AdvantageTM career assessment, a financial workbook AND a 30-day step-by-step action plan! It was created by four nationally recognized experts: yours truly, Coach Colette, financial coach and author Jacquette M. Timmons, and two other career coaches Jodi Brockington and Malla Haridat.
With a single purchase, you'll get a personalized game-plan -- to help you manage every aspect of your money and your career, in the New Normal. Reserve your copy online NOW to take advantage of the pre-launch pricing at:

Then join us on the FREE Preview Call on Tuesday, June 29 at 8 PM ET!

Tuesday, June 01, 2010

Are You Following the Evidence -- in Your Career or in Life?

Did YOU know? While only 16% of all men are over 6'2" tall, 57% of Fortune 500 CEOs are over 6'2". I learned this interesting fact during a recent presentation by Laura Liswood, author of The Loudest Duck.

What does this data suggest to you? Do you see any correlations in your organization?

Let's face it -- we get bombarded with lots of data (or evidence) on trends that are happening in the workplace and the world beyond. How can you figure out what information makes sense for you, or for your team? Following the evidence is about just that -- looking at data or statistics or even anecdotal information and evaluating it to see:
  1. Is it valid (i.e., do you trust the source?)
  2. Is it applicable to your team or organization?
In advance of our upcoming LIVE Follow the Evidence Diversity Training on Tuesday, June 15 (9am-12pm) here in New York, I thought I'd share the recording of the preview telecast.

MP3 File

Our process suggests you take a proactive instead of a reactive approach to gathering information, and seeing how your diversity management strategies work or don’t work and need to be adjusted – not just relying on "long-standing" but never proven traditions.

This time, we're speaking about it in terms of diversity. Yet, this evidence-based approach can be applied to all aspects of personal, team and organizational growth. You'll be more effective if you relentlessly seek new knowledge and insight, so you can keep updating your assumptions, skills and knowledge, and ground your decisions in the latest and best knowledge of what actually works.

How do YOU follow the evidence?