Wednesday, June 15, 2005

"No Foam" Resumes?

Are you spending too much time at Starbucks during your job search?

Apparently some people are – consider the person who indicated on a resume that s/he graduated “cum latte.” Click here to check out these and other Funniest Resume Bloopers.

Having worked in Training & HR for over 10 years, I’ve had an opportunity to speak with several recruiters. They all say that it’s important to create a positive first impression. In many cases, your first impression comes from your resume and cover letter.

I’d recommend you not only proofread these documents but also have someone else read them. After creating several drafts and making revisions, we often miss errors – the message is clear in our minds, so we may overlook minor mistakes on paper.

Demonstrate your Competent Advantage TM by ensuring that your career gear – resumes, cover letters, portfolios, writing samples, etc. – is accurate and precise.

Wednesday, June 08, 2005

Are you PROUD of your job?

According to a Harris Interactive poll, the top five professions with the most prestige are:
  1. Scientist & Doctor -- 52% (for both)
  2. Firefighter & Teacher -- 48% (for both)
  3. Military Officer -- 47%
  4. Nurse -- 44%
  5. Police Officer -- 40%

We're all affected by public perception of ourselves (even if we don't like to admit it). When you go to a networking event or social function, are you excited to tell others about what you do? Do you proudly talk about your company and your role or position?

In the Competent Advantage TM program, we discuss the benefits of aligning your work with your personal drives and motivators. Simply put -- when you're excited about your doing your job, you're more likely to make an effort to do it well. Even if it means you have to learn something new or discover innovative ways to solve your workplace challenges.

We also talk about the importance of Creating a Buzz about what you do. If you're motivated by your job, you're more likely to tell others about it -- be it your manager, colleagues or friends. The buzz starts when people begin to associate you with specific accomplishments. Then, the buzz spreads as they tell MORE people about you, and so on ... Now, you're really humming!

Don't forget to "buzz" us about your career moves via the Competent Advantage TM survey!