Thursday, October 20, 2011

NEW Podcast: Clear Your Clutter – Why It’s OK to Let Go Now

In our New Normal of rapid change and 24/7 technology, it's important that you find ways to be more centered and focus on what's most important. That can be challenging if your living or working space is cluttered or disorganized.

The good news is I've just released a new podcast with my friend and professional organizer, Juli Oliver: Clear Your Clutter: Why It's OK to Let Go Now!

As founder of OrganizeNY, Juli specializes in helping clients with home and office projects such as: how to balance household and home office areas; how to create inviting living and working spaces that take full advantage of every last inch of space -- really crucial in cities like New York!

Clearing clutter can go a long way to creating space for you to receive new ideas and new opportunities -- just by changing your line of sight (i.e., the things you see - or don't see) when you walk into a room can refresh your energy, open your mindset, and change your outlook on your situation. Letting go of old items also can help you release emotional ties to negative or non-productive aspects of your past. I started off the year by clearing out old TV's and phones, a printer and other bulk items. It truly lightened my load and made me feel better about my living space. [Now, to get rid of that old air conditioner ...]

In addition to sharing her TOP 3 Tips on How to Be More Organized to Find Greater Balance, Juli also describes her entrepreneurial background -- which seems to run in her family!

And, that's really appropriate since this podcast is the second in a series of shows featuring women entrepreneurs you really need to know -- featured along with me in the CRAVE New York City Guide, an urban girl's manifesto of the most chic, savvy, and vibrant business owners this city has to offer.