Monday, February 14, 2011

Be Strategic in Your Job Search: Tips from Coach Colette

You've probably already heard that the January jobless rate fell to 9%, the lowest level since April 2009. Yet, if you're someone who is looking for work, this positive trend may not feel connected to your personal experience. And, it's true, we must look behind the numbers to get a sense of our individual experiences.

As someone who was impacted by corporate restructuring twice in my career, I'm committed to guiding and supporting the unemployed, leaders in transition and all working professionals who are seeking to advance their careers. Recently, I was interviewed by Monica Ross-Williams on Reach Out Job Search Radio to share my tips on how job seekers can gain a true competent advantage TM in today's New Normal -- namely, the tight employment marketplace.

Reach Out Job Search Radio provides the latest information on issues that affect unemployed, underemployed and American workers from all industries. I've uploaded my interview to my podcast channel on iTunes; but, thought I'd share my answer to one of Monica's questions here for you.

MRW: Where would you suggest job seekers begin their research of the current marketplace for trends, true opportunities or current issues to address during the interviewing process?

Coach Colette: Every industry and organization has its unique characteristics. Job seekers need to become investigative reporters who explore all of the issues, trends and opportunities for their target industry. Start with the major news and business news outlets (e.g., CNN, CNBC) to find out about general economic trends and growth areas. Media has also gotten very local; for example, Patch from AOL has over 700 sites with local news about specific locations around the country. If your next career move might involve relocation, sites such as these can help provide an inside scoop on job and/or housing opportunities.

Then, research to find the major websites and publications that are specific to your target industry. Become visible and establish yourself as an expert by commenting on industry blogs and websites. Finally, before your interview, visit the website of the company with whom you're meeting, so you can ask a targeted question about what's happening in their world.

Want to hear my full interview? Visit my podcast channel on iTunes to hear more tips on how you can be more strategic in your job search. Let me know which tips resonate most with you, and share your job search questions and success stories! Comment here on the blog or tweet me on Twitter -- @Coach_Colette.