Thursday, November 24, 2011

Embrace Your Life With Love and Gratitude

One of my favorite quotes/affirmations comes from a guided meditation I often listen to called Love & Gratitude:
The more I embrace my life with LOVE and GRATITUDE, the more my life becomes a song of PEACE that I joyfully share with the world.
On this day of Thanksgiving, I'm once again inspired to reflect on the things and people for whom I'm most grateful. I'll make some connections to my 3 Words for 2011 as well.

I'm always grateful for my parents and for the time I get to spend with them. It doesn't escape me how lucky I am to still have them in my life. I'm very grateful for the opportunity to have helped them celebrate their milestone birthdays this year.

I'm grateful for my friends -- for those who are more like family, and for those who are new friends. I'm grateful for the possibility to attract the right people with the right energy into my life.

I'm grateful for my abilities that allow me to run my business and attract/retain clients. I'm grateful for the new projects as well as the opportunity to reconnect with old partners to help transform people's lives and organizations.

From my 3 Words, I'm grateful for the opportunity to RELEASE some old stories that were keeping me stuck in old paradigms and mindsets. It's been a year of self-discovery that has truly tested my ability to "walk my talk." And, as a coach, I know that transformation is an ongoing process. As one of my coaches indicated in a session: "Yesterday's transformation is today's ego trip."

Also from my 3 Words, I'm grateful for the opportunity to take some unreasonable ACTIONS in my personal sphere. While all of the outcomes may not have been what I intended, I'm grateful for the experiences as I know they will serve me in the long run.

And, I'm grateful for my ability to keep my heart open to LOVE in all its manifestations as I can continue on my journey.

I hope you'll take some time to reflect on those things and people for whom you're most grateful. Feel free to share them here, if you'd like. Be sure to share them with the special people in your life. Happy Thanksgiving!

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Cyber Monday 2011: Save 20% on VIP Coaching Days

What dreams could you manifest in 2012 with better health and better communication?
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Have you ever wondered why others fail to achieve their big dreams and goals? Studies have shown that 83% of people hit barriers in the process -- sounds about right -- here's the kicker: these people aren't working with a coach to get accountability and support, so when their own efforts don't work out, they typically GIVE UP!

Do you want to be part of the 17% of people who WILL achieve their goals in 2012? Get a jumpstart on your 2012 dreams and reserve your private VIP Coaching Day.

Your VIP Coaching Day gives you dedicated, individual access to me online for a half-day. This targeted timeframe means we'll get right down to business to pinpoint your most significant health or communication challenge, and come up with positive, proactive solutions that you can start using right away!

You have two options for a VIP Coaching Day:
  1. Communication Breakthrough VIP Day: to exude confidence and rock your next business meeting or interview by mastering techniques like body language, assertiveness, and people style (not fashion, but how others view the way you communicate)
  2. Healthy Habits - Healthy Minds VIP Day: to live a brilliant, radiant lifestyle without tension and anxiety by incorporating habits like meditation, affirmations, and chakra clearing
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Remember, it's important to plan your 2012 personal growth and development activities. Why not treat yourself to a ME-TIME gift this holiday season! Know that I'm rooting for your success now and in the coming year.

Thursday, November 10, 2011

4 Tips to Beat Holiday Stress

'Tis (almost) the season to be jolly. That's what the holiday-themed store windows and commercials are telling us. Despite all of the early bird hoopla, I prefer to ease myself into the holiday season. It's my personal tactic to mitigate and manage the stress often associated with this time of year. That and watching my parents and their phenomenal choir perform the Handel's Messiah Concert at Abyssinian Church in December.

If you're seeking more ideas on how to ease into this holiday season, read on for 4 Tips to Beat Holiday Stress!
  • Recognize your holiday stress triggers: A stress trigger is a change or occurrence in your life that causes you to have either a negative physical response (e.g., headache, cold, or muscle ache) or emotional response (e.g., anxiety, insomnia, or distractedness). The challenge during the holidays is that stress triggers can be associated with our family and personal relationships, or our financial situation. What are your potential triggers? Is it an expected encounter with someone or perhaps another person's absence? Have concerns about creating your holiday shopping list or scheduling your holiday travel? Becoming aware is your first step -- knowing what are your holiday stress triggers helps you be proactive in how you respond.

  • Be willing to let go of the past: Once you've identified your triggers, consider viewing them from a NEW, fresh perspective. If you're already dreading an encounter with someone, try on the possibility that the experience will NOT be negative. Can you let go of past offenses and resentments? Set an intention to approach the person with a positive outlook, and not allow their comments or behaviors to change your mood or stress level. If your concern is about holiday shopping or travel because of your financial situation, be honest with yourself and your family about what you can and cannot take on this year. Seek out fun, lower cost options (like family "grab bags" or "Secret Santas," potluck dinners, and layaway for significant items). Focus your attention on how great it will feel to spend time with those whom you love and enjoy. Infuse yourself with the true holiday spirit of loving and sharing!

  • Tune in to your holiday self-talk: In addition to your favorite holiday song or commercial jingle you can't forget, there's also a running script of "self-talk." These are thoughts or messages you repeat silently to yourself, often about your financial situation, your personal abilities, and your chances of achieving your goals in the coming year. It's great when these messages are positive; they can be very empowering. Sometimes, though, negative messages pop up when you're stressed out or overwhelmed. You CAN coach yourself to flip the script to create a more positive outlook. The next time you notice a negative thought or message, tell yourself to STOP! Take a deep breath, think of a positive statement, and reflect on someone who inspires and supports you. Take it a step further by writing down the negative message; then cross it out, and write down as many positive ideas and statements that prove your negative thought about yourself or your abilities is NOT true or valid. Create more space in your mind for joy and fulfillment!

  • Give yourself holiday ME-TIME: With all of the hustle and bustle of the season, it can be easy to to forget about our own needs. Build time into your holiday schedule just for you. Consider taking on a new physical activity you might enjoy like a winter sport (from snowboarding to ice skating!); or a new social activity like volunteering to help others who are in need during the season; sharpen your mental abilities with a new book or game; unplug from your various devices for a little while to relax and quiet your mind. Explore and discover all that the holiday season has to offer!

If you're interested in more tips to jumpstart your career during the holiday season, read my blog post on how to Shine at Your Professional Holiday Parties.

And, if you'd like to learn more about the potential long-term impact of stress on your life, read my post on 9 Early Warning Signs that Stress is Negatively Impacting Your Life.

Know that I'm rooting for your success, health and wellbeing. Here's wishing you the start of an abundant, joyful, magical holiday season!

Friday, November 04, 2011

How to Position Yourself in a Tight Job Market

Yesterday, I offered insights to participants at Tory Johnson's Women for Hire NY Career Expo in a Power Seminar on How to Position Yourself in a Tight Job Market. I thought I'd share some of the pointers from my talk here on the blog. I still believe that today's market provides an opportunity for you to reevaluate your priorities and refresh your game plan. So, in essence, my tips on positioning yourself in the market are more internally than externally focused.

We know that in today's New Normal keeping your head down, doing your work and just hoping that your efforts will get recognized won't help you land your next major job or business opportunity. I've spoken before about the value in developing 20/10 Vision: the ability to see things clearly at 20-feet that other people can only see from 10-feet away. It means developing your own bird's eye view of your target market, industry or opportunity.

Here are Four Steps to Develop Your 20/10 Career Vision. They are aligned with the steps in my eBook Focus on Your Vision.
  1. Clear Your Lens: Remove Distractions -- Get centered and refocus on what's most important. Track your schedule over the next three (3) days to see how you REALLY spend your time, and begin to recognize the times of day when you're most productive. Why? Because then you'll be clear about when it makes sense to do your market/industry research; when to make "warm" calls to your champions and advisors; and when to make "cold" calls to industry leaders for informational interviews. Every company and industry has its own unique characteristics. In today's New Normal, you need to be an investigative reporter who explores and uncovers all the relevant issues, trends and opportunities.
  2. Reveal Your True Intentions: Figure Out What You REALLY Want -- Revealing your true intentions can make it easier to choose between competing careers, jobs, tasks, and industries. Have you created a crystal clear vision of the type of job you want, the level of income you desire, the work environment in which you'll thrive, the qualities in your ideal manager or team? Do you know the values that reflect your personal attitude and work ethic? The more you know about your motivators, strengths, and values the easier it will be to attract opportunities that truly inspire you to perform.
  3. Envision Your Future: Visualize Your Dream Job -- Imagine your world as it will be when you've landed your dream job -- do this proactively and consistently. What is your next best role? Write down positive affirmations of what you'll be able to do, what you will have accomplished once you've secured this position. Keep visual reminders to stay motivated -- create a vision board with inspirational images and quotes that reflect your dream job and ultimate lifestyle. Review it often.
  4. Watch for Blind Spots: FLIP Your Script -- Even with the best laid plans, you will encounter setbacks -- both external roadblocks and even situations where you might get in your own way. My clients have told me about past situations where their inertia or indecisiveness led to missed opportunities. Listen to the things you say to yourself about your career, your job, and your chances of achieving your carer goals. How many are positive vs. negative? When you hear yourself repeating negative messages, say "STOP!" and replace the thought or message with a more positive statement. Do what you can to flip your script to get back on track to visualizing your dream job and ultimate lifestyle.
Let me know your thoughts and reactions, and also share your own success stories and tips -- here on the blog or tweet me @Coach_Colette.