Start Within At Work

Let's face it: you and your team are more creative when you're NOT stressed out, in poor shape. You're more productive when you can focus on your goals and not your health issues.

Coach Colette and the team at Start Within Coaching will help you transform your health and realize results faster with research-based corporate and team well-being programs and retreats. Our well-being solutions complement the interactive communication, leadership, and team building programs we have offered clients since 2004.

We work with our clients to create an overall Health and Well-being Strategy using a holistic approach that focuses on four key concepts:

  1. Fitness: Encourage daily physical activity and reduce sedentariness to help combat obesity and other chronic diseases
  2. Nourishment: Encourage healthy eating habits by providing healthier food choices, behavioral cues, and knowledge about nutrient quality
  3. Mind: Support mental and emotional health by providing access to activities that help promote relaxation, address mental or emotional distress, and improve sleep habits
  4. Comfort: Enhance ergonomic setting to help prevent stress and injury and facilitate greater physical comfort 

We develop Health and Well-being Activities and Events that align with your overall Health and Well-being Strategy including: Lunch-n-Learn sessions with Health-Related Guest Speakers, On- or Offsite Wellness Fairs, Wellness Challenges, Wellness Seminars, and/or Wellness Demonstrations.

Corporate and Team Well-Being Session Topics include: 

  • Flip the Script: Tips to Stay Positive in Challenging Situations
  • Keep it Moving: Effortless Exercise Routines that Fight Stress
  • Know Your Triggers: Tips to Manage Work and Family Stress
  • Stress and Food: How to Develop Healthy Eating Habits
  • Take a Breather: Deep Breathing and Muscle Relaxation to Ease Stress

You will learn practical yet FUN ways to deal with stress at work and at home, PLUS:
  • Jump-start your weight loss
  • Boost and sustain your energy levels
  • Learn how to build lean muscle
  • Experience increased sense of well-being and joy

Corporate Well-being Packages are available and can be customized to connect with your existing well-being strategy or to meet specific employee/group well-being goals.

Contact us TODAY so we can help you (and your team) Start Within to Finish Strong!