Thursday, December 18, 2014

Focus on Your Vision in 2015 - Get Started on Jan 8

What would it mean to focus like a laser on your vision for 2015? How much more would you accomplish with that level of attention and motivation?

The New Year is the PERFECT time for you to evaluate your priorities and refresh your game plan – for your business and your life. Now is the time to define your vision for 2015 so you can be less overwhelmed by life's distractions, and less likely to quit when obstacles come your way.

In my upcoming Breakout Session on Thursday, January 8, I'll be sharing some easy ideas to help you get started! It’s based on my eBook Focus on Your Vision: A Positive, Practical Approach to Achieve Your Biggest Dreams – a simple process to help you evaluate your priorities and manifest even your wildest dreams.

As a preview, my Four Steps to Focus on Your Vision for 2015 are:
1. Clear Your Lens
2. Reveal Your True Intentions
3. Watch Out for Blind Spots
4. Envision Your Future Results

This Breakout Session is for leaders who are ready to take action to turn 2014 setbacks into 2015 opportunities. Let me help you overcome your limiting beliefs and renew your enthusiasm for business, relationships and life! Let's take the limits off your ideas and put the apostrophe back in impossible ... that's right, affirm it: 'I'm possible in 2015!' 

I look forward to speaking with you on Thursday, January 8 at 1 pm ET - register HERE