Monday, September 14, 2009

85 Broads Goes the Extra Mile to Fight Breast Cancer

Yesterday was the Komen Greater NYC Race for the Cure. It was phenomenal to be in the company of survivors, family members and supporters of this cause. There were so many great people with great energy! Here's a brief update and photos from the day's festivities.

First, I'd like to send a huge THANK YOU to the team at Ducale restaurant on Columbus Avenue. They hosted our 85 Broads - Komen NYC team for a wonderful pre-race breakfast. As we were power walking, many members remarked about how great were the coffee and (fresh-squeezed) orange juice. Here are some team members at the breakfast.
Here's a group photo of the 85 Broads - Komen NYC team in front of Ducale before we made our way to the starting line.

THANK YOU to Krista for bringing the 85 Broads water bottles that kept many of us refreshed as we ran and power walked the Race!

And, I'm so excited to report that the 85 Broads - Komen NYC team has exceeded its fundraising goal of $3,500 USD! On behalf of the team, I'd like to send a big THANK YOU to all of our donors!! The great news is that we can continue to receive donations until October 31, 2009. I'd love to see us go the extra mile and raise $5,000 before then!
Because, TOGETHER, we WILL Run Breast Cancer out of Town!

Wednesday, September 09, 2009

Coach Colette is Back in the Classroom

It's Back to School season, and the Coach is back in the classroom - virtually and in person! In addition to my client seminars (and the upcoming PLA "Tour"), I thought I'd share info on two upcoming public events. Would be great if you're able to join me.

1) Tuesday, September 15 - 12:00 PM EDT

You can listen to me chat LIVE with host Deb Bailey at Dial in to ask me questions about how you can achieve sustainable results in your career and personal life: (646) 929-0160; or TWEET ME your questions in advance of the show and I'll respond on-air.

Power Women Magazine is an online publication about women by women for women on issues that are important to women worldwide.

2) Tuesday, September 22 - 6:30 PM EDT
What has poor communication cost you in your career, business or personal relationships? Learn how to Achieve Communication Breakthroughs! Join me for an interactive presentation as I develop your skills to:
  • Resolve interpersonal challenges diplomatically
  • Communicate goals and expectations clearly
  • Motivate others to share in your vision
DWC-NYC is a chapter of the Downtown Women's Club business network that makes professional networking affordable, effective and fun!

I look forward to seeing YOU in September! :)

Tuesday, September 08, 2009

85 Broads-Komen NYC Team is Half-Way There

You can only imagine how excited I was to log into the 85 Broads NY - Komen Race for the Cure page this morning and find out we've achieved nearly 50% of our fundraising goal!

That's right our 28 team members have secured 42 gifts to bring us even closer to our $3,500 target. I'm so proud of the efforts of these fantastic women in our FIRST year of building a team (in only 2 months, I might add). I can't wait to walk with everyone on Sunday!

I'm also grateful to the supporters who have brought me 37% of the way towards my $250 Challenge. And, my FREE Assessment offers still stand for donors who contribute to my Challenge before Race Day on September 13th. Read my earlier blog post for more details on how to claim your Thank YOU!

Together, we WILL Run Breast Cancer Out of Town!

Wednesday, September 02, 2009

Stress in the City: Is Cuddling the Answer?

Forbes recently released its report on America's Most Stressful Cities. Topping the list for the second year in a row is Chicago -- followed by Los Angeles, New York, Cleveland, and Providence, RI.

Life factors considered in the study of 40 of America's largest metro areas were:
  1. Unemployment figures (Bureau of Labor Statistics - June 2009)
  2. Cost of living figures (Council for Community and Economic Research)
  3. Median home price declines (National Association of Realtors - 2008-2009)
  4. Population density (US Census)
  5. Number of sunny and/or partly sunny days (NES-DIS - 2007)
  6. Air quality figures (US EPA - 2007)

As a native New Yorker, I can appreciate our ranking in the Top 5 of metro areas. However, you know that I'm a big proponent of finding creative, proactive ways to manage your stress. A lot of this has to do with your self-perception and self-talk.

Most of the life factors on the list are not things we can actively control -- EXCEPT that we do have a choice about where we live. In today's tight job market, you may challenge me on that a bit. "I HAVE to live here because of my job." But, remember, once you start to view your situation in terms of what you "HAVE" to do, you've already given yourself an extra burden of stress. The choice still exists; hopefully you're able to choose your best option at the particular moment in time.

From the career/job search perspective, I've written before about the value of focusing on the things you can control - your physical and online career presence, and your marketing collateral.

From the personal wellness perspective, I've written about the importance of flipping the script to create a more positive viewpoint. That may mean changing how you think about your situation, letting go of the "SHOULDs", or allowing space for things to be less than perfect. [I know, the horror!]

Social supports are important, too. One interesting link in the article was to a video about a new trend of hosting Cuddle Parties. Apparently taking heed of the value of physical touch in reducing stress, these parties have been held in the New York and San Francisco areas.

Would you attend (have you attended) a Cuddle Party? Comment here or tweet me your response and to share other ways you deal with stress.