Monday, January 24, 2011

NEW Podcast: Rise of the Sugar Mammas & the SHE-conomy

While you’ve likely heard that women often only earn $0.77 of every male $1.00, did you know that today’s SHE-conomy has also created a rise of 'Sugar Mammas'! Want to learn a NEW definition for this female phenomenon? Tune into my latest podcast with fellow 85 Broads member, Manisha Thakor founder of Women’s Financial Literacy Initiative.

In addition to teaching an online personal finance course about the Money Rules for Women, Manisha is co-author of two critically acclaimed personal finance books for women: On My Own Two Feet and Financially Naked. You've seen her sharing tips for working women on CNN, CNBC Power Lunch or on The Rachael Ray Show.

In our podcast, you'll learn four positive financial characteristics of modern-day 'Sugar Mammas' that will help you take full advantage of the SHE-conomy and get into the driver seat of your financial life! Are you intrigued yet? OK, here's a sneak peek at one of those characteristics:
  • 'Sugar Mammas' Always ASK for It. And, by "it," I mean the resources to meet your financial needs and obligations. As an employee, this could be asking for a raise, promotion; or even non-monetary perks such as scheduling or time off. As a business owner, this could be charging (asking for) fees that truly represent what your products and/or services are worth.
Do YOU ask for what you're worth? If so, you're most likely a 'Sugar Mamma'! Tune into the podcast to learn the other three characteristics. Then, comment here or tweet me your thoughts and feedback to @Coach_Colette. Use the hashtag #SugarMamma so we can keep the discussion going!

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

What 3 Words Will Shape Your 2011?

Two years ago, I was inspired by social media expert Chris Brogan to refine my goals and capture my true intentions by focusing on 3 Words that would shape my year. Here is a link to that post. Each year since, I've used my 3 Words and accompanying affirmations as a daily mantra to keep me focused and forward-thinking.

Here are my 3 Words for 2011:
1. RELEASE: I intend to release negative beliefs, energy and people from my mind and my life
2. ACT: I intend to take concrete, specific actions to fulfill my true intentions, dreams and desires
3. LOVE: I intend to keep my heart open to love in all its manifestations so that I may attract my love partner and soulmate

It's fitting that I write and share this post with you today, as I was able to physically release some "e-waste" from my space (old audio, computer equipment) -- one item, in particular, I was especially glad to let go of. The space is beginning to feel lighter.

In Focus on Your Vision, I write about how reaching a deeper level of awareness of your intentions can help you make choices about what you do, who you want to do it with, and how you respond to people when they make requests of your time.

Your intentions can transcend your personal and professional relationships and encounters. For me, this year, my intentions are blended between the two aspects of my life -- in a more explicit way than ever before. And, I feel that it's important for me to articulate them in this way so that I can be authentic to both my personal and professional goals.

What about you? What 3 Words Will Shape Your 2011? Feel free to comment here on the blog or tweet me your 3 Words on Twitter to @Coach_Colette.

Thursday, January 06, 2011

What Are Your 2011 Intentions?

Happy New Year! To welcome you into 2011, I've created a CinchCast (mini podcast) of this post in addition to the article about setting intentions below. It includes an excerpt from my NEW eBook, Focus on Your Vision: A Positive, Practical Approach to Achieve Your Biggest Dreams. Let me know if you like this mixed media approach!

Do you know what it means to have 20/10 vision? It means being able to see things clearly at 20-feet, that other people can only see while standing 10-feet away. It’s literally like having a bird’s eye view of the world.

What would it mean for you to have 20/10 vision in your life? Can you think of how much more you could accomplish with this level of attention and motivation in 2011?

You might be wondering how it’s possible, especially since we’re living in a New Normal. You may feel like you’re running full speed ahead, at 90 mph, 24/7. I often feel like the circus performer who spins plates on those long poles.

But, a New Year is a New Beginning! And, you know I believe you can develop a POSITIVE, PRACTICAL and STRATEGIC mindset to achieve your biggest dreams and feel more fulfilled.

Focusing on your vision will help increase your confidence, so you'll be able to meet your current challenges; plus you’ll learn to anticipate and sidestep new roadblocks that might pop up throughout the year. One way to approach a level of 20/10 focus is by revealing your key intentions for 2011.

The word intention can be defined as: “an act or instance of determining mentally upon some action or result ”. Basically, it’s making a mental choice to act or behave in a certain way, with the hope that you will achieve a desired result. A first step towards revealing and setting your intentions is getting to know yourself better. This may seem easy at face value; but sometimes we’re not always honest with ourselves about what we really want. It’s important to truly contemplate your intentions because they can help motivate you when you encounter challenges or roadblocks.

So, let's start by reflecting back on 2010, and think of 3-5 things you’re most proud that you accomplished:
  • What accomplishments made you most proud personally?
  • What accomplishments made you most proud professionally?
Now, based on those accomplishments, consider what intentions (or actions, results) would most inspire you to keep moving forward in 2011?

Revealing your intentions can make it easier to choose between competing decisions, requests from others and/or tasks to complete. For example, if you were to have an intention of maintaining a healthy body weight for 2011, it might help you choose healthier food options while grocery shopping or eating out.

Ideally, it’s best when you can choose in favor of your intentions. Typically, when you choose to act according to your intentions, you feel more at ease and less conflicted. It’s because you are being authentic by honoring your true desires and priorities.

Feel free to comment here, or tweet me your thoughts on Twitter; just search for @Coach_Colette.
Here's looking forward to a happy, healthy, intentional New Year!