Monday, July 13, 2009

NEW Podcast: What's Your Personal Brand?

Summer is upon us; but the InStep Consulting team realizes that even if you're on vacation, you're still seeking relevant, helpful information in today's tight marketplace. So, we're continuing our NEW podcast series, InSide the HR Studio, to offer an insider's perspective on career transition and success.

We have a special guest InSide the HR Studio - Kaliym Islam, Vice President of DTCC Learning. His career has spanned across internal Learning & Development to his current role in which he oversees the design and delivery of the company's external training programs and products, including e-learning, instructor-led training and documentation. These efforts help to strengthen DTCC's relationship with its customers by keeping them abreast of the varied financial products and services it offers.

In the podcast, Kaliym and I discuss strategies to Create a Buzz and define your personal brand in the workplace. We also talk about the ways to leverage social media tools (like blogs and podcasts) to communicate that brand to a wider audience. Kaliym shares personal stories about his ascent within DTCC and how he created an "advisory board" that has provided great insight as he has navigated his career.

Tune in to the podcast to find out what Kaliym's personal branding motto ICEM stands for. [HINT: the "I" stands for Identify -- but you'll have to listen to the podcast for the rest of the terms and how the motto can help YOU define YOUR personal brand!]

Then, share your thoughts here or tweet me your brand on Twitter!

Wednesday, July 01, 2009

VOTE for InStep Consulting in MyBizCounts Contest

Coach Colette and the team at InStep Consulting are seeking your support! Please VOTE for our mini commercial in the Contest sponsored by Sage Software, Inc.

You can submit ONE vote per day from TODAY until July 31, 2009. The Top 20 commericals at the end of the voting period will enter the final round to compete for $20,000 in cash and over $4,000 in software prizes! If we win, it will expand our capacity to help YOU achieve YOUR GOALS even more! We'll even take your input on the types of products and services you'd like to see us develop should we win this contest.

FYI: when you get to the voting page, our video is in Row 3, second from the left!
Thanks for your support! :)