Thursday, March 24, 2011

NEW Podcast: Master the Art of Strategic Networking

In today's New Normal, you've probably realized that just keeping your head down, doing good work, and hoping that your efforts are noticed will not help you land your next opportunity (whether that's a new job or business lead). Networking -- or perhaps better described, relationship building -- is the "new black" in the New Normal.

So, you know that we're all connected to other people in some way -- through family, friends, neighborhoods, schools or employers. And, you know that if you talk to enough people, you'll eventually meet someone who knows the person you want to meet (and is willing to introduce you). But, in today's New Normal, who has that kind of time??

It's time that you master the art of Strategic Networking -- the process of strategically looking at your connections and creating compelling messages that empower your connections to say: "YES, I know who it is you need to meet, and YES, I want to help you meet them!"

When thinking of who in my network I could ask to shed some additional light on the subject, I could think of no better person than the Queen of Networking -- Executive Recruiter, Paula Marks. Paula, also President of Hire Resources, Inc. has been professionally connecting people to one another for over three decades. Her business network is rooted in a lifetime of successful Human Resource management, executive recruiting, and a vast rolodex of professional contacts.

In our podcast, Paula and I share tips on strategic networking, including how to craft clear, concise communications that make other people listen and want to take action -- which is to help you connect with their connections. We also share some networking pitfalls to avoid so you'll be able to maintain and deepen your most important network relationships.

After you listen to the podcast, let me know what your think -- share your networking success stories and/or lessons learned. How quickly do YOU follow-up after meeting someone new? How do YOU let a connection know that you respect his/her time when reaching out? Comment here on the blog, or tweet me your thoughts on Twitter -- @Coach_Colette.

Wednesday, March 09, 2011

Focus on Your Vision: Free eBook thru March 12

Did YOU Know -- that 2011 is the 40th birthday of the e-Book? That's right, it's been 40 years since Michael S. Hart created the first "e-Book".

And, March 6-12, 2011 is Read an e-Book Week! First recognized in 2004, the week is designed to educate and inform people of the fun and advantages of reading books electronically -- on your e-reader, on your laptop, or any other "smart" electronic device.

In recognition of Read an e-Book Week, I'm giving away FREE copies of my e-Book, Focus on Your Vision: A Positive, Practical Approach to Achieve Your Biggest Dreams until MARCH 12.

To get your FREE copy, visit the Focus on Your Vision page on and use code RE100  at checkout. My e-Book is a great introductory tool to jumpstart your personal (or professional) strategic visioning process -- with the help of guided visualizations and insightful exploration questions.

As you know, all Focus on Your Vision e-Book purchasers are eligible to receive a discount on an introductory coaching session with me (via phone). Exact details on the amount and how to claim it are available inside.

Are you wondering what was the first "e-Book"? Visit the website to find out and get more insight on e-Book libraries and "Project Gutenberg".

After you have read Focus on Your Vision, please submit a review on the Smashwords or Amazon websites to let others know what you learned or discovered. Many thanks, and happy e-Reading this week!

Wednesday, March 02, 2011

NEW Podcast: Make Your Brand POP in the New Normal

If you're an entrepreneur or "side hustler" in today's New Normal, you know it can be challenging to reach new clients and customers -- to make your message stand out from the constant information overload! Since you're reading this post, you're in luck because I've found a savvy, fashion-forward expert to share tips in a new podcast about how to make your brand POP in today's New Normal!
Meet Melissa Gonzalez, CEO of Lion'esque Media, an entrepreneur who truly grasps the concepts of networking and business. A former Wall Street executive, Melissa has become a force in the fashion world by helping up-and-coming designers to make their brands POP in today's New Normal.

Melissa uncovers emerging artists and designers and helps to grow their brands through media blitz coverage, video interviews, and hosted shopping events. Recognizing the challenge faced by her clients to gain exposure and visibility, she made a bold move -- she approached the Roger Smith Hotel to collaborate and showcase their wares at a storefront on Lexington Avenue between 47th and 48th Street in New York City. Can you say prime real estate??

In our podcast, Melissa shares her "lessons learned," including specific techniques on how you can find the right partners and champions to help make your brand POP -- based on your goals and target audience, and how you can creatively use social media in your business (or self-) marketing campaigns.

Her joint venture, the RS POP Shop, is a unique opportunity for artists and designers to connect online with customers [through the social media infrastructure of Twitter, online PR and blogs] and in-person with curious passersby along Lexington Avenue. Since inception, clients have included Animated Closet, Jensen Martin, LaQuan Smith, Lolli Poppit, Simon Carter London; many of whose designs have dressed a wide array of celebrities and have since collaborated with major brands like American Apparel and Club Monaco.

Designers also benefit from a sponsored, live broadcast opening night event and customized branding videos, like this one created for this month's RS POP Shop designer Patricia Brown for her jewelry collection. All proof that emerging doesn't have to mean invisible!

Listen to the podcast for more ideas to create a buzz about your brand and let us know what you think. What creative strategies have you used to make you or your brand POP in the New Normal? Comment here or tweet me your responses and ideas to @Coach_Colette.