Monday, January 05, 2009

What 3 Words Will Define 2009?

I've been working to refine my 2009 Goals, as mentioned in my post from last week. Recently, I gained inspiration from a post I read on the Women'sDISH - DWC blog that led me to a challenge posed by social media guru, Chris Brogan. He suggests identifying 3 Words that encompass your 2009 goals.

The concept is brilliant because it forces you to think deeper [hint, you'll be seeing that word again soon] and broader than your specific tasks. It also helps you to create an affirmation or mantra that you can repeat to keep yourself motivated when you hit bumps along the road. Well, it wasn't easy, but I came up with my 3 Words -- started by reviewing business goals and brainstorming on what words could reflect those and give me some inspiration. So, here they are:
  1. Deepen – my connections with my family and friends; and with my clients and the people I attract into my network and circle of influence to create a true InStep team
  2. Platform – build a visible platform from which to share my knowledge, skills, gifts and abilities; and to promote the knowledge, skills, gifts and abilities of my team
  3. Leverage – my power, passions, skills, abilities, gifts, network to build the business and world I desire
I've created a daily task in Outlook that will remind me to check my passions and reaffirm my 3 Words.

In addition, I've revisited my Strategic Attraction Plan to adjust for 2009 -- realized that a missing piece was concrete marketing goals. So, I'm raising the bar for number of blog posts and podcasts I'll create. And, I've added at least one target for direct marketing.

What are your 3 Words for 2009? What are your 2009 goals? Post or tweet me @Coach_Colette.

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