Wednesday, January 21, 2009

What will be YOUR Call to Action over the Next 100 Days?

Yesterday, we all watched history in the making with the swearing in of the first African-American President of the United States. The energy at Times Square was electric - even in the cold. When I stopped to take this not-very-clear picture of the jumbo-tron in Times Square, one woman asked me if we could take pictures of each other as the "moment" happened.

I hope she found another person to exchange with as I honored my RSVP to watch the event at Tonic with DL21C members and friends. Thanks to Mark, Adam and Penny for sharing their table on the second floor!

Now that Change has come to America, I feel proud and inspired. For the first time, I added the NEW to my Favorites! I also feel an almost overwhelming sense of responsibility to be an active participant in the Rebuilding of America. As we know, President Obama and the new Administration will be facing some steep challenges to Rebuild America. The world will be watching his actions over the Next 100 Days.

What will be YOUR Call to Action over the Next 100 Days?
  • How will you leverage your power and my passion to create your world as you desire?

  • How will you share your valuable gifts that others can receive only from you?
I've also started this discussion on my Facebook page. Please become a "Fan" and share your goals, ideas and dreams! And, as you accomplish your goals, keep us posted on how you're doing.


Zac said...

Thank you, Colette, for this post. Like you and many people not only in the United States but from around the world, I was (and still am) inspired by the swearing in of our first African-American President. The message of hope is inspiring as is his call for us to all take part in this great endeavor.

My plan to answer our President's call includes a wide variety of activities. I plan on giving blood as often as I can. My wife and I are currently cleaning out our house for donations that can be given. We are also learning to become green and more energy efficient in every aspect of our lives.

My biggest talent has to do with technology and computers. Because of that, I am currently looking into volunteer teaching opportunities to help give people a jump start in some of the basic tools we have now in the 21st century.

Thanks again for the post and the opportunity to respond.


Colette Ellis said...

Thanks, Zac, for sharing your answer to the President's call to action.

It's great that you're considering both personal (blood drives, donations) and professional (volunteer teaching) ways to contribute. Please keep us posted on how things progress over the next 100 days!

Cheers, Coach Colette

YogaGracie said...

For those of you that get overwhelmed when trying to come up with ways to contribute...Obama recently announced "Organizing for America" (OFA), the new group that will work alongside the President to support the agenda we fought so hard for. Here's the link to learn more and get involved:

It's so refreshing that we are given the opportunity to participate in the political process at such a critical time! Namaste.

Colette Ellis said...

Thanks, Yoga Gracie, for sharing the link to Organizing for America!

It is great to know that we have support at the top for all of our empowerment work.

Cheers, Coach Colette