Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Are You a Savvy Online Networker?

Well, the fact that you're reading this blog means that you're savvy about gaining information from the web to benefit yourself or your career. But, how savvy are you about putting information about yourself onto the web to enhance your online presence?

Last week, I recorded a podcast with Diane Danielson, founder & CEO of Downtown Women's Club (DWC). Since it's launch in 1998, DWC has become a great online social network and in-person community (10+ US-regional chapters) for business and professional women.

Diane recently co-authored a book with Lindsey Pollak called The Savvy Gal's Guide to Online Networking -- Or What Jane Austen Would Do. She and I shared tips and ideas about online social networks ...
  • Why we sometimes avoid using online social networks
  • How to pick the best online networks for you
  • How good "net-iquette" can improve your chances of making the right connections
Go to our Competent Advantage TM Gcast channel to listen or download the MP3!

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