Thursday, October 11, 2007

We're Helping Youth to Communicate Effectively

While October will be a month filled with exciting spa events and wellness activities, we're also involved with our leadership development programs.

On Tuesday, we kicked off another cycle of Public Speaking & Communication Skills training for youth at Opportunities for a Better Tomorrow. In April, we developed an interactive curriculum to help trainees present themselves professionally and effectively in workplace settings.

For the next 10-12 weeks, another group of OBT trainees (in Bushwick and Sunset Park, Brooklyn) will learn the essentials of effective communication to make themselves more competitive in today's job market. Once again, the PSC course will conclude with a Debate & Public Speaking event, during which trainees will demonstrate the skills they have acquired in the course.

Our facilitators stress the fact that mastering the art of public speaking at a young age is fantastic because it improves one's overall confidence. Of course, it takes a while for some to fully grasp that concept -- and get over the fear of public speaking.

So, this makes me wonder -- when did YOU overcome your fear of presenting or speaking in front of others? Or, is this an aspect of your development that you're still seeking to improve? Truth be told, I've always enjoyed public speaking (from high school Mock Trial team). Yet, I sometimes get butterflies just before major presentations. Usually, I'm able to channel that energy to help myself be "on" in the moment. What techniques work for you?

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