Tuesday, July 31, 2007

The Coach is In ... but Should I be?

After attending the BlogHer conference and hearing about the benefits of keeping it real on my blog, I'm deciding to share this quick anecdote.

So, it's about 6:30 pm EDT and I'm still in the office. Not late by any stretch of the imagination ... especially for a business owner. But, the reason is that a previously-scheduled meeting with a colleague was cancelled due to a family emergency. Why am I sharing? Because I actually felt guilty about shutting down / closing shop -- even though I'm prepared for my client meeting tomorrow afternoon.

Sure, there are many other things on my plate for NEXT week (a combo of prep for presentations, trainer interviews, meetings and even a quick out-of-county trip). What was my aha moment? I wouldn't have been able to do any of those things tonight because I would have been focusing on meeting with my colleague! So, why did I feel compelled to keep working when this time had already been "booked?"

Why couldn't I re-assign this time to ME-TIME? There was this tiny voice inside my head (we talk about self-talk in the Stress Management program) saying: "Maybe you can get ahead and do a little more." When, honestly, the thought of editing my presentation at this moment seems daunting because I'm not as fresh with ideas as I know I can be.

Last night on Life Coach TV, Marianna and I talked about ways to find balance. I've blogged here before about the challenges of "unplugging." And, I talk with Simone and her listeners on Own Your Power about ME-TIME. If nothing else, this proves to you that no one (not even your coach) is perfect. We all struggle to juggle our responsibilities.

Ok, so after this, I'm going to print a couple of invoices and then sign off ... promise! :)

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JazzBrown said...


This is so true! I struggle with finding "Me Time" even after I've put the boys to bed. It's good to know I'm not the only one ;)

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