Sunday, July 29, 2007

Women Bloggers Rock!

I've just returned to New York from the BlogHer conference in Chicago and am INSPIRED and REJUVENATED! I met so many fabulous women bloggers that I couldn't keep count.

Keep an eye out on this blog for feedback and tips from my session on Coaching & Mentoring (they had live bloggers at the conference who captured key points from all the sessions!).

Also, keep an eye on the blogroll, as I'll be reviewing blogs of the women that I met and will add those I think are relevant to this community.

QUICK REMINDER: Tomorrow night (July 30, 8:00 PM EDT), I'll be chatting with Dr. Marianna Lead on Life Coach TV, a prime time live cable show in Manhattan that introduces people to the field of coaching. Tune in to learn more about my coaching practice and how I work with clients online at:

1 comment:

Shannon said...

Love the story about stuffing your bags allll together. I ended up putting my laptop bag on the plane and carrying my green swag bag. And I haven't taken the Blogger T-shirt off yet. My husband is starting to wonder.

Loved meeting you - let's keep in touch!