Tuesday, June 01, 2010

Are You Following the Evidence -- in Your Career or in Life?

Did YOU know? While only 16% of all men are over 6'2" tall, 57% of Fortune 500 CEOs are over 6'2". I learned this interesting fact during a recent presentation by Laura Liswood, author of The Loudest Duck.

What does this data suggest to you? Do you see any correlations in your organization?

Let's face it -- we get bombarded with lots of data (or evidence) on trends that are happening in the workplace and the world beyond. How can you figure out what information makes sense for you, or for your team? Following the evidence is about just that -- looking at data or statistics or even anecdotal information and evaluating it to see:
  1. Is it valid (i.e., do you trust the source?)
  2. Is it applicable to your team or organization?
In advance of our upcoming LIVE Follow the Evidence Diversity Training on Tuesday, June 15 (9am-12pm) here in New York, I thought I'd share the recording of the preview telecast.

MP3 File

Our process suggests you take a proactive instead of a reactive approach to gathering information, and seeing how your diversity management strategies work or don’t work and need to be adjusted – not just relying on "long-standing" but never proven traditions.

This time, we're speaking about it in terms of diversity. Yet, this evidence-based approach can be applied to all aspects of personal, team and organizational growth. You'll be more effective if you relentlessly seek new knowledge and insight, so you can keep updating your assumptions, skills and knowledge, and ground your decisions in the latest and best knowledge of what actually works.

How do YOU follow the evidence?

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