Thursday, October 09, 2008

Podcast with Career Management Tips

I've spent time today catching up with all of my social networking sites and can't help but notice the multiple conversations surrounding the economy -- and the personal impact it's having on many people.

Since this is the time to revisit our career management plans and think about what needs to be "tweaked," I thought I'd help us focus and get back to basics on career and personal development. On the Competent Advantage TM podcast channel, I've posted a recording of one of my Career Management teleclasses. In it, we review the components of the Competent Advantage TM model and share tips for each area.

Take a listen to the podcast and share your thoughts and "A-HA!" moments. Also, post/share your email address if you'd like to receive a copy of the teleclass worksheet to follow along.

Given our current situation, I think it's also relevant to consider some NEW questions related to the Competent Advantage TM model:
  1. Know Yourself -- Which of your priorities have SHIFTED in this new economic climate? [That's OK -- it's just important to recognize and own it.]
  2. Know Your Market -- What NEW or alternative industries/markets can benefit from your skills and talents?
  3. Leverage Your Strengths -- What network connections can you STRENGTHEN to help you in your current role/situation?
  4. Create a Buzz -- How can you MAXIMIZE your Web 2.0 presence to let people know what you're doing and/or how you have succeeded?

What NEW ideas or strategies have you implemented?

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