Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Summer Career Coaching Group Begins July 15

I've decided to start a Master Chameleon Career Coaching Group this summer. Why?

As a coach in today’s ever-changing economy, I feel compelled to create a safe space for people to learn, grow, discover and even vent a little [in a constructive way!]. And, to help them recognize how to adapt their skills and their “buzz” to find their next adventure – in a way that doesn’t compromise what they believe in and value.

Where does the chameleon concept come from? Five and half years ago, I received notification that my position would be eliminated because of a recent company merger. Ironically that was the second such notification I’d received within 13 months. The way I saw it, I had two choices [now I know there were many others too!]:
  1. Attempt to find another job
  2. Attempt to sell my skills on the "open market" as a consultant

What did I do? I leveraged my contacts and skills, and chose the latter option. I’ve spent the past five years building my consulting (and now) coaching practice to the level it is today. For me, the chameleon concept is really at the heart of the Competent Advantage TM model.

How can you "change colors" or adapt your skills/talents/abilities to add value to an organization? But, what's most important, is how can you stay true to your personal and professional goals, motivators and values?

So, that's what I'm hoping this Master Chameleon Coaching Group will help people to explore. Because, I think the real lessons I learned about career transition came from my first “downsizing” experience, which came without warning [or so I thought!].

What did I do that time? I panicked. I spent a good two to three weeks in partial denial and seclusion. I was embarrassed and ashamed that “it” had happened to me. I eventually came out of hiding, began to establish new contacts and expand my network and think about what I wanted to do. Through these efforts, I successfully “landed” approximately three months later.

Do you know people who could benefit from this supportive, transformational experience? Could you? If so, join us for 4-weekly tele-sessions plus structured activities and online support. Don't be like everyone else who takes the summer off, empower yourself NOW!

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