Saturday, November 11, 2017

Surviving & Thriving with ME-TIME

On October 30th, Brooklyn Borough President Eric Adams office hosted the Surviving & Thriving Day of Empowerment to support survivors of Domestic Violence. Our Corporate Wellness team collaborated with BuddhaBooth to give attendees the opportunity to take a time out for themselves.

How to describe this ME-TIME experience? 

I shared relaxation techniques and provided therapeutic Young Living essential oils to help women enhance their experience inside the private meditation space.

As pictured, she put a drop of Lavender onto her palm, then rubbed her hands together. The strong scent has the power to soothe emotional stress. She placed her hands near her face and inhaled. Finally, it was time to enter the BuddhaBooth -- her five minutes of calm in a peaceful and quiet space. She took a big breath and sat inside, allowing her breath to settle, and her body to get still. Her mind started to wander, as all of her thoughts resurfaced. She took another big breath and her heartbeat slowed down. She was finally able to feel it: that sense of ultimate relaxation it can be so difficult to achieve.

Francine Steadman Krulak, founder and CEO of BuddhaBooth, participated in a panel discussion alongside other thriving women in business offering insight about her healing journey, on what it means to make a choice to be a thriving survivor, not a "victim" and that the first step is learning to love yourself from your own point of view, not that of another.  The discussion topics included the current headlines of mass sexual harassment in the workplace and why it's so prevalent, combined with strategies to combat domestic violence and sexual harassment.

BuddhaBooth is committed to partnering with and supporting programs that benefit survivors of domestic violence, women’s health research, prison reform and autism-related resources. Our Coaching team is launching the Sponsor-a-Sister Initiative to enable at-risk women to attend our monthly New Moon Circles without cost being an issue.

Domestic violence survivors face each and every day ongoing and challenging effects of the abuse they have suffered. Problems don’t end when victims escape the nightmare. However, although difficult and painful, recovery from abuse is possible. What we did on that day was give them a chance to escape from their situation for a while, feel safe and alive again. This was one of the moments when you realize your hard work and efforts have paid off. Sometimes it takes so little to help someone; and we were very glad to have been part of this incredible and inspiring event.

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