Monday, January 24, 2011

NEW Podcast: Rise of the Sugar Mammas & the SHE-conomy

While you’ve likely heard that women often only earn $0.77 of every male $1.00, did you know that today’s SHE-conomy has also created a rise of 'Sugar Mammas'! Want to learn a NEW definition for this female phenomenon? Tune into my latest podcast with fellow 85 Broads member, Manisha Thakor founder of Women’s Financial Literacy Initiative.

In addition to teaching an online personal finance course about the Money Rules for Women, Manisha is co-author of two critically acclaimed personal finance books for women: On My Own Two Feet and Financially Naked. You've seen her sharing tips for working women on CNN, CNBC Power Lunch or on The Rachael Ray Show.

In our podcast, you'll learn four positive financial characteristics of modern-day 'Sugar Mammas' that will help you take full advantage of the SHE-conomy and get into the driver seat of your financial life! Are you intrigued yet? OK, here's a sneak peek at one of those characteristics:
  • 'Sugar Mammas' Always ASK for It. And, by "it," I mean the resources to meet your financial needs and obligations. As an employee, this could be asking for a raise, promotion; or even non-monetary perks such as scheduling or time off. As a business owner, this could be charging (asking for) fees that truly represent what your products and/or services are worth.
Do YOU ask for what you're worth? If so, you're most likely a 'Sugar Mamma'! Tune into the podcast to learn the other three characteristics. Then, comment here or tweet me your thoughts and feedback to @Coach_Colette. Use the hashtag #SugarMamma so we can keep the discussion going!

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