Thursday, November 25, 2010

For What Are You Most Grateful This Year?

"Gratitude is heaven itself." ~ William Blake

Thanksgiving is often a day to reflect on and share the aspects of our lives for which we are most grateful / thankful. This year has been interesting -- sometimes exhilirating, sometimes challenging, sometimes unexpected.

I had an "A-HA!"moment last evening, reminding me to be grateful / thankful for all of my experiences. It can be helpful to remind ourselves that we are shaped by all of our experiences. It can be so easy to focus on the things that haven't worked, or didn't go the way we wished -- and lose sight of the lessons and insights we've gained. On a higher plane, things are the way they're "supposed" to be.

I am grateful / thankful for this opportunity to reflect on this, and ponder my other sources of gratitude. Here are a few:

I'm always so grateful / thankful for my parents, whose unconditional love is an unspoken source of support and comfort. And, I'm grateful / thankful for the ability to still spend time with them.

I'm grateful / thankful for my friends, whether near or far; many fun memories that can be a great pick-me-up on a challenging day.

I'm grateful / thankful for my clients, whose needs I always hope I am meeting.

I'm grateful / thankful for my global travel and encounters this year -- reinforcing my belief in affirmations and mantras ("global" was one of my 3 Words for 2010).

I'm grateful / thankful for my home and all of its comforts -- even if there are things I'd like to change or improve.

For whom / what things are you most grateful this year?

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