Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Youth Seize Opportunity for Better Tomorrow

Still photos can't even begin to capture the passion and compassion the OBT Youth Trainees exhibited today at their Debate Day held at the Brooklyn Marriott. The only way I truly could have captured their brilliance would have been to video-blog live from the event!

I know I say the same thing everytime -- they can't possibly surprise me more THIS time. And, yet, they always manage to throw in a curve ball of an unexpectedly compelling persuasive speech or a nifty argument in the mock trial.

A common theme in today's speeches was taking a stand on issues regardless of whether or not they personally affect you. If you had heard the conviction and passion being conveyed by the mock trial attorneys, you would have sworn that you were watching actors in an episode of Law & Order.

In congratulating the youth, OBT's executive director Randy Peers made a striking statement about the resilience of the trainees -- he said they don't focus on the obstacles they have to overcome, more so on the goals and dreams they seek to achieve.
I could talk about these "kids" for days -- and they're not even my kids! Just knowing that the InStep team has played a even small part in shaping their futures makes me very proud that we do what we do.
All my best to the OBT Trainees in 2009 and beyond! Regards, Coach Colette