Thursday, January 03, 2008

A String of Pearls for 2008

Happy New Year!
I've been agonizing a bit about what to write in this first post of 2008 ... partly because I'm alternating between writing a proposal and a capabilities presentation ... yes, I'm writing to you as my "study break!" ;-)

And, also because I felt like the first post had to be profound (you know, the coach has to share a big "A-HA!" to start off the year with a bang). I've also been wrestling with where to come down on the whole resolution thing. It's true that my coaching and training programs center around defining goals and priorities. However, we coaches know that sustainable growth comes from behavior changes that often result in small successes -- which when strung together can lead to fantastic transformations.

So, while your resolution may be to lose 25 pounds or get a new job in a given timeframe. A small, successful behavior change may be to replace your 4:00 pm candy bar with raisins or nuts -- and to do it daily so that it becomes one of your good eating habits. On the professional front, it might be to identify one new industry website or periodical -- and to read it on a weekly basis so that you stay informed about your target industry.

Neither action alone will get you to your end goal. However, when "strung together" with other good habits, you'll be surprised at the changes you'll see ... the first day the pants seem looser, or the first time you're noticed for sharing a relevant anecdote at a meeting or event.

I share this with you because I too have some medium and large goals I'd like to accomplish on the business and personal frontiers (this being an anniversary year and all). So, let's make a pact to focus on creating pearls of small successes that when strung together lead us on the way to our larger goals. What do you think?

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