Thursday, January 10, 2008

NEW Competent Advantage Message Line

Hello, I realize that you may not be a writer like me, and that you might prefer to ask questions or make comments verbally. Well, guess what? I've decided to launch the Competent Advantage TM Message Line.

You can use the Competent Advantage TM Message Line if you have:
  • A question about something you've read here (or about something you've heard in one of our podcasts, teleclasses or seminars)
  • A career or work-life challenge about which you'd like to gain some input or ideas
  • A pearl or successful outcome that you're proud of and would like to share
  • An idea for a future podcast, teleclass or seminar
  • A useful source of information on career development or personal growth

Call (214) 615-6505, ext. 6717 and leave a message. I'll respond either via a post here in the community or via Gcast, on our Competent Advantage TM podcast channel.

I'm looking forward to hearing from YOU! :)

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