Thursday, March 24, 2011

NEW Podcast: Master the Art of Strategic Networking

In today's New Normal, you've probably realized that just keeping your head down, doing good work, and hoping that your efforts are noticed will not help you land your next opportunity (whether that's a new job or business lead). Networking -- or perhaps better described, relationship building -- is the "new black" in the New Normal.

So, you know that we're all connected to other people in some way -- through family, friends, neighborhoods, schools or employers. And, you know that if you talk to enough people, you'll eventually meet someone who knows the person you want to meet (and is willing to introduce you). But, in today's New Normal, who has that kind of time??

It's time that you master the art of Strategic Networking -- the process of strategically looking at your connections and creating compelling messages that empower your connections to say: "YES, I know who it is you need to meet, and YES, I want to help you meet them!"

When thinking of who in my network I could ask to shed some additional light on the subject, I could think of no better person than the Queen of Networking -- Executive Recruiter, Paula Marks. Paula, also President of Hire Resources, Inc. has been professionally connecting people to one another for over three decades. Her business network is rooted in a lifetime of successful Human Resource management, executive recruiting, and a vast rolodex of professional contacts.

In our podcast, Paula and I share tips on strategic networking, including how to craft clear, concise communications that make other people listen and want to take action -- which is to help you connect with their connections. We also share some networking pitfalls to avoid so you'll be able to maintain and deepen your most important network relationships.

After you listen to the podcast, let me know what your think -- share your networking success stories and/or lessons learned. How quickly do YOU follow-up after meeting someone new? How do YOU let a connection know that you respect his/her time when reaching out? Comment here on the blog, or tweet me your thoughts on Twitter -- @Coach_Colette.

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