Thursday, August 12, 2010

Coach Colette Goes Global in 2010

Last January, I took inspiration from social media guru Chris Brogan, and followed his suggestion to refine and refocus my key goals and intentions for the year into 3 Words. Of course, I've just now realized that I didn't share with you my 3 Words for 2010. They are KIND (to myself and others), GLOBAL (partnerships and relationships) and JOY (in experiences and encounters).

You can trust that I have been focusing on those words - using the same affirmation strategy as last year, a daily task reminder that appears in my Outlook - which brings me to the point of this article: Going GLOBAL. The thing I'm (still) learning about consistently setting intentions and making affirmations is that you never know exactly how the results will appear. Yes, even the coach can have a "Duh!" moment or two! :)

My first GLOBAL result was working this spring with a fantastic consulting associate from Paris who helped design training materials and activities for one of our Change Management client engagements. The next GLOBAL result was connecting with a dynamic UK-based training firm to explore new business opportunities.

My next GLOBAL connection came early summer via an introduction by a colleague to Enrique Mesones, the founder of Smart Connections, a global executive search, strategy consulting and venture firm. Nearly 10,000 elite executives from top-tier universities around the globe have registered for the Smart Global Network -- a free, membership-only networking environment to view the hottest business projects around the globe, attain business funding, and receive optimal executive education. As a result of my intentions, affirmations (and yes, expertise) I'm now an Executive Coach with the Smart Global Network!

My next GLOBAL activity is one that brings me great pride as it's a chance for me to continue my work with my "rowdy" librarians! In September, I'll be facilitating leadership and advocacy training in Brussels as part of the Global Libraries Initiative sponsored by the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation. I'm still learning exactly what it will involve; and will share more info as things progress. I'll also aim to blog and tweet as much as I can while I'm on the road.

I'm excited by all of these things that have happened in 2010. They are wonderful yet unexpected connections ... and so I will keep making affirmations around my 3 Words for 2010, and aim to let go of figuring out "how" things will manifest.

What are your thoughts? Do you have examples to share of when unexpected (positive) things "appeared" in your life? If you make affirmations, how do you "let go" of the results? Comment here or tweet me on Twitter!

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