Monday, December 14, 2009

What Matters Now: Take Time to Reflect

I was fortunate today that I changed my view on Facebook to "Pages". As I scrolled down the list, I came across a post from Seth Godin's blog describing a new FREE ebook called What Matters Now. It contains brief but compelling ideas from over 70 big thinkers (Elizabeth Gilbert, Jacqueline Novogratz, Guy Kawasaki).

The ebook includes many simple truths, plus several ideas to make you go "hmmmmm ..." as you reflect on 2009 and prepare for the New Year. I'm taking on Seth's challenge to help spread these ideas to 5 million people.

I'm only half-way through the ebook, but thought I'd share my TOP 3 Ideas so far:
  1. EASE: Even as a stress management coach, I can chuckle at Elizabeth Gilbert's suggestion to make time to "meditate but secretly nap" to ease off the gas and build in some "me-time." I can't be mad at her because sleep is SO important, and is also rejuvenating for your soul.
  2. 1%: Jackie Huba and Ben McConnell talk about the "One Percenters" -- the small group of folks who spread the word about new ideas, trends and concepts. Even as a vegetarian, I had to love the "Bacon Salt" story that spread like ... porkbellies? My question to YOU is: Who will be YOUR One Percenters in 2010? In my career and business coaching sessions, I've called these people your champions -- those people who will go the extra mile to create a buzz about your talents and accomplishments.
  3. UN-Sustainability: Given that my mission involves helping people achieve sustainable results, I was particularly intrigued by Alan Webber's flipping of the script. He suggests we identify and un-mask the UN-sustainable systems that "represent the dead weight of the past." From this essay, my question to YOU is: What will be UN-sustainable for you in 2010? What dead weight do you plan to lose?
Download the ebook NOW, and as you read the ideas and concepts share your favorites here on the blog; or tweet me @Coach_Colette.

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Becoming a Gay Adult said...

I have personally got more sleep these last couple of months and it has made a world of difference to my attitude and the way I MOVE in my life. That combined with aligning my daily actions with my core values and passions, has completely readjusted what was a startling shift away from what matters to me. So all, take the foot off the gas pedal and BREATHE. It was a tough 2009; we are destined for a different year if we shift our gear.