Monday, July 14, 2008

What are the Economics of Love?

Hope you had a great weekend! I attended a Bastille Day celebration on Smith Street in Brooklyn yesterday.

I thought I'd share a link to an article by Ben Stein in yesterday's New York Times about the "Economics of Love." In it, he makes comparisons between high-quality bonds and high-quality love (i.e., stay away from the "junk" in both situations!).

I guess I found it a bit ironic to receive the article link from a friend today, given my recent podcast and last blog post about managing the stress of urban dating. Of course, when we focus on something, it becomes almost inevitable that everything we see/hear seems somehow related. Perhaps this is more of a personal journey than I'd like to admit!

In my life balance board on MOLI, I've posed a similar question: how do you maintain the balance between your business and social (personal) life? I've talked about my challenge of taking off my coach hat when I go to social functions.

I'm wondering if this is a unique challenge for entrepreneurs/business owners; or does everyone have various hats (or maybe masks) that they wear to protect themselves in social settings??


CathyS said...

I'm married, so I'm less concerned about blending the social with business. I find I still have a challenge in that I'm passionate about my business. Sometimes it's all I think and want to talk about. That can be bad. One rule is I don't 'do' business on weekens. I work out of my home and I'd never get away.

Kari said...

It's tough to balance the biz and personal lives. You have to make a point of taking time out for fun, otherwise too much focus on work deadlines will totally take over your life.

Colette Ellis said...

Cathy & Kari,
You both make some good points. It's definitely been easier not "doing" business on weekends in the summer.

And, I definitely believe in "me-time" for fun and/or relaxation. I guess the trick is to not let them blend when at social events! :)

Cheers, Colette

Irene Hammond said...

Having your business be what you love, it is also who you are. The two don't separate. I think one of the greatest challenges for the self employed is finding, and creating the time for play. Sometime, play can look a lot like work from the outside, make sure you recognize it as play time or give yourself playtime... I get a pedicure to shift out of work mode...