Friday, July 18, 2008

Summer is HOT! Cool Off with the Right Foods

Perfect timing to release my new podcast with Meredith Sobel of Sobel Wellness about cool foods! It's expected to be 90+ degrees here in New York this weekend. Did you know that the foods you eat may actually make you feel warmer?

In this podcast, Meredith and I discuss “cooling” foods – whose properties can actually help cool your body temperature and make you more comfortable. And, when you feel more comfortable, you often are less irritated and stressed out. We also talk about ways to take advantage of seasonal fruits and veggies, and share some more tips on maintaining healthy eating patterns.

I often find in the summer it's easier to eat healthily because the heat reduces my appetite a bit. And, I love having salads with lots of fun ingredients -- sometimes from those "create your own" salad bars. And it's easy to include fruits -- although nothing can top buying fresh mango slices while sitting on the beach in Tulum, Mexico! ahhh .....

What's your favorite summer food? Take a listen to our podcast and let me know what you think! :)


Therapy in Transition said...

Hi Collette,

I would have to say my favorite summer food is Blueberries. The ones which I am able to pick out of my own yard in the morning to add to my cereal or smoothie! Looking forward to the podcast.


Therapy in Transition

fatfighter said...

I find it's easier to eat healthier in the summer, too - mainly because I LOVE all the choices of fruit! My favorite summer food would have to be summer fruit - all of it! ;)

CathyS said...

I didn't like cantelope has a child, but now eat it all the time. A combination of blueberries and rasberries is in my fridge right now.

Colette Ellis said...

That's great, ladies! Thanks for sharing. I also have blueberries, purple grapes and cherries in my fridge! :)

Cheers, Colette

Megan said...

Interesting post. When I think of cooling down, I think of cold drinks. Good to know that I can also reach for a cool snack. :)