Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Colette is Featured Expert in MOLI Small Business Center

Hope you all had a FABULOUS Memorial Day weekend! Keeping in line with my 2008-year of-Technology, I'm excited to announce that I'm now a Featured Expert on a NEW social media and commerce community -- MOLI Small Business Center.

MOLI is a free, online social community where small business owners and individuals over the age of 18 can create and manage multiple profiles from a single account to control their privacy and separate their social, business and family relationships.

The Small Business Center is a comprehensive, multimedia, interactive destination where members can network, engage in discussions, and access expert advice, resources, tools and tips on how to take their businesses to the next level. An important component of the Center is the interactive forums, where members can engage with a seasoned group of entrepreneurs and business experts. The forum that I moderate is the Life Balance community.

What's cool is that in addition to the tools and coaching services that field experts like me can offer, MOLI also has found great partners (like E-Myth) to provide resources.

The MOLI Small Business Center – Where Entrepreneurs Work, Network and Play!

Come join me in the Life Balance community!

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