Tuesday, September 04, 2007

A Change of Scenery is Good for the Soul

Hola amigos! Hello everyone! The coach is back from vacation. The picture above is from Isla Mujeres, at the eastern most tip of Mexico. The picture really doesn't do the landscape, vista, or the water justice. But, I thought I'd share for your viewing pleasure.

I was offline for 5 days and it felt good -- would have been longer, but I did check email on Saturday (mostly personal). I feel more refreshed and relaxed than after the first week of my vacation when I "cheated" by responding to emails. I've learned that in order to truly "unplug," I must be inaccessible and away from my office. Or else, the temptation is to check-in.

However, I was a bit surprised at the number of people who also checked email, etc. at the "Cibernet" in Playa del Carmen. And, also to witness the number of wireless-enabled locations throughout the Mayan Riviera. With some of the most phenomenal beaches I've ever seen, we all still felt compelled to spend time online. Of course, there was the cool option of burning CD's with all one's fabulous pictures.

And, who knows -- if I play my cards right -- maybe I'll be lucky to spend more time down there. I've already begun brainstorming about doing a stress management retreat in the area. If that means spending time in the "Cibernet," that's fine with me! :)

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