Thursday, June 29, 2006

Take Advantage of the Summer

The days are longer -- the weather is warmer (hopefully it's not raining where you are). How will you take advantage of the summer to further your career objectives?

Is there one NEW activity you can try that might help you achieve a short-term goal? How about finding a NEW ...
  • Volunteer opportunity that enables you to enhance a key skill -- maybe there's even an outdoor component! OR ...
  • Magazine or journal that will update you on latest trends in your industry -- handy for those long bus/train rides to the beach!

Switch it up a bit -- check out the local cafes in your neighborhood as you walk home. Maybe one of them has a special evening for networking activities (book club, meet-'n-greet, etc.) -- great ways to take advantage of the air conditioning AND meet new people!

What do you think? Post your suggestions for fun ways to take advantage of the summer!

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